"Dogs of Form and Function" 


Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

                                                                                                             Our Philosophy

PUPPIES!!!  That's what keeps us all going, those adorable babies, the future, the NEXT GENERATION!   If you are looking for a puppy as a companion, a performance dog or a show prospect, for your family please contact one of us so that we can become better acquainted.   Please know that before you can be considered as a potential home for one of our pups, we have to get to know you well!  This is not because we are snobby, but because we have put so much time, love and research into raising our puppies and developing the Cornerstone Greater Swiss Mountain Dog that we want to make sure that each puppy winds up in the perfect home for puppy.

At Cornerstone Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, we take pride in our breedings and the puppies that we produce. We only breed the best to the best.  Pedigrees are researched, health and genetics are evaluated, and matings are carefully thought out.  Our puppies are lovingly raised in our home and are well socialized.  We are committed to producing quality Swissys that possess the classic Swissy type, temperament, structure and of course health.

We screen our breeding stock very carefully for any inheritable problems and do everything in our power to make sure our puppies are free from the problems that prevail in the breed.  Due to complex genetics and Mother Nature, we cannot guarantee that a puppy will be absolutely free of all genetic disorders.

Our goal is to produce healthy, sound puppies and to place them in the home most suited for the puppy and the new family.  In our desire to raise the most behaviorally sound, confident, and stable puppies possible we implemented the game changing Puppy Culture puppy raising, training, and socialization.  We are extremely pleased with the results.  Every puppy has it's own personality and individual abilities and/or attributes.  While all make wonderful family companions, some are geared to be a show prospect or an active competition dog.  For this reason we carefully evaluate all the puppies and match up what we think will be the best puppy based on what the perspective family is looking to do with the dog.  This makes for a better fit with the family and the puppy and leads to a happy home for everyone.

Adding a dog to your family is a lifetime, serious commitment and we are dedicated to making sure our dogs always go to loving, caring forever homes.  Our dogs are very special to us and therefore we take our responsibility to make sure they get the best possible home that can be found for them very seriously.  If you are interested on obtaining a puppy or an adult from Cornerstone Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs please fill out our
application.  The questionnaire will help us learn about you, your family, your home and your lifestyle.  That in turn will help us to match a puppy or an adult to you and the specifics of your life.  A final decision is not made on puppy placement until after they are eight weeks and we have a complete evaluation of each puppy's temperament and structure.  Filling out a questionnaire/application does not guarantee a puppy/adult will be placed with you.

We believe very strongly that the time during which your puppy is with us is some of the most crucial socialization time.  We spend a lot of time with our puppies; watching, handling and cuddling them.  For the first three weeks family and friends handle and cuddle them as well.  At four weeks they get moved from the “puppy room” to the main part of the house.  At this time they get to explore different rooms of the house, get to visit all parts of the property, walk on different surfaces and meet and interact with the older dogs.  This is when they get to hear and play with the vacuum, the water hoses and to experience other sights and sounds associated with life in the “real world”.  Once they turn five weeks we take them for car rides and to visit friends.  This is an important time for the puppies, and for us.  These trips allow the puppies to meet many new people and be exposed to many new places.  The puppies are carefully observed on these excursions; as the puppies are learning about life we are learning about each puppy.  Exposure to different sights, sounds, places and people is a very important part of helping a Swissy puppy become a well adjusted, confident  adult.  Our puppies stay with us until they are nine weeks old and are very prepared to go to their new forever homes.

While we breed for conformation and performance, we offer high quality companion/pet puppies.  They have the same health and quality breeding as our show and performance prospects.