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At Cornerstone Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs we screen our breeding stock very carefully for any heritable problems and do everything in our power to make sure our puppies are free from the problems that prevail in the breed.  Our goal is to produce healthy, sound puppies and to place them in the home most suited for the puppy and the new family.  All of our puppies are evaluated for temperament at 7 weeks of age and for structure at 8 weeks of age.  When they go to their forever homes they have been dewormed, vaccinated, micro chipped checked out by our vet and of course very well socialized.  Due to complex genetics and Mother Nature we cannot guarantee that a puppy will be absolutely free of all genetic disorders.

Adding a dog to your family is a lifetime, serious commitment and we are dedicated to making sure our dogs always go to loving forever homes.  Our dogs are very special to us and therefore we take our responsibility to make sure they get the best possible home we can find for them very seriously. 

If you are interested in obtaining a puppy or an adult from Cornerstone Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs please fill out the following questionnaire.  This questionnaire will help us learn about you, your family, your home and your lifestyle.  That, in turn, will help us to match a puppy/adult to you and your specifics of your life.

Filling out this application does not guarantee a puppy/adult will be placed with you.

Thank you for your interest in our dogs and for taking the time to fill out the questionnaire.

Rita & Jenny

"Dogs of Form and Function"


Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs