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Cornerstone is a breeder of AKC Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs in the beautiful Front Range of Colorado.  Cornerstone Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs was founded by Rita Rimler and is based on the philosophy of breeding “Dogs of Form and Function”.  We are dedicated to breeding healthy, structurally sound and correct dogs who can and DO succeed at performing the working activities they were originally bred to do.  Rita & Jenny are both proud to be recognized as  AKC “Breeders of Merit”, and Cornerstone Dogs have been competing and excelling at such activities as Conformation, Herding, Draft Work, Agility, Obedience, Rally, and Pack-hiking.

Cornerstone Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs was established in 1996 with foundation dog, Griff, CH Corner Creek’s Solid Gold Hit, CDX, RA, NDD, AOM.  Griff  was a great show dog, a true working dog and a wonderful family member.                                                                                                          

Jenny joined the Cornerstone family when she acquired Gerda,  Griff’s Granddaughter, from Rita in 2010.  Since then, Gerda has been bred twice and together Rita and Jenny continue to produce Swissies of superior quality.

Cornerstone Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs is dedicated to breeding working dogs that are sound in mind and body, making them exceptional companions and family pets as well as superior working dogs for those interested in performance events with their Swissies.  Both Rita and Jenny are members in good standing of the GSMDCA (national parent club), and Rita has served on the GSMDCA board.  Rita was a founding member of the South West Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club and served on the board as a board member and as president for many years.  Rita served as the president of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of The Rockies for several years and Jenny has been an active member in planning events and activities for our local club.  We are dedicated to continued excellence in the breed in structure, health and temperament.  We rigorously screen our potential puppy homes and strive to educate all interested in the breed to create the most fruitful relationships for all of our dogs.

The GSMD is a large, powerful dog that traditionally worked as an all-purpose farm dog, pulling loaded carts, working livestock, and protecting the farmstead.  During WWI, they were used as pack dogs in the mountains to deliver supplies to troops.  They are great family dogs but their size, intelligence and energy mean they may not be right for every home.  Potential puppy owners should understand the correct temperament for a GSMD and provide sufficient mental and physical stimulation for their new family member.

Health, genetics and temperament are very important to us so we carefully screen all of our dogs for relevant, detectable diseases and we thoroughly research pedigrees before matching breeding dogs.  Despite careful screening and planning, no system is perfect and occasionally health issues can occur.  The GSMD faces some serious health problems including epilepsy, incontinence, splenic torsion, bloat and joint disease.  We encourage anyone interested in the breed to research the health problems that may present themselves and to learn more about the screening and breeding practices that help reduce these risks.  As breeders, our breeding stock must pass all health clearances including orthopedic clearances on hips, elbows, shoulders as well as eye, thyroid and other clearances we, as breeders deem necessary.

We are totally committed to this wonderful breed and strive to breed dogs with strong breed type, working temperaments, health, and longevity and above all else that make great family companions.  Our Swissys are an integral part our family and they are involved in many working activities.  Our puppies are raised inside our home and are heavily socialized.  Puppies will be selectively placed in appropriate and loving homes.  We carefully review potential new owners and work to match them with the puppy whose temperament best suits their lifestyle and personalities.

Questions are always welcome.  Feel free to ask about the breed, the health issues, Swissys in general,
upcoming breedings,  and of course our dogs in particular.  Visitors are always welcome by appointment.


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